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Full Time Fall Protection For High Level Access We offer acomprehensive range of flexible safety solutions, making any installation configuration possible with assembly on any type of support to protect people moving over every type of building and structure.

Downloads: Fall Protection System (PDF)

skylight guardrail

Free standing non-penetrative, modular, galvanised barriers designed for skylights or roof hatches

(Fall Arrest System Eye bolt 防墮 護欄 圍欄 安全設備 安全威也)

foldshield guardrail

Free standing non-penetrative roof edge fall protection, foldable to protect buildings aesthetics and easily re-erected when required

rooftop walkway

A modular walkway system which provides a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface for anyone who needs to access roof

rail system

A quality extruded aluminium rail system which provides a high level of user safety combined with a discreet, aesthetically pleasing appearance

horizontal lifeline system

Ideally adopted to the installation of lifeline on most metal roof eg standing seam, trapezoidal panels (without any drilling into the roof)

horizontal lifeline system

A shuttle slides along a stainless steel cable (lifeline) attached permanently to a structure. Connected to the shuttle by an interconnecting device eg an energy absorbing lanyard or a fall arrester, it enables users to move easily along the system in total safety, without having to disconnect from the lifeline.

vertical lifeline system

A stainless steel cable is installed permanently along the length of access ladder. The fall arrester which incorporates an energy absorber slides freely along the cable and follows the user as he moves. 

removable eyebolt

An unobtrusive solution to tradition anchorage point

Fall Arrest System gallary